America’s Native Tea

Wild Harvested

The native Yaupon plant grows on our family farm in abundance. We forage and handpick every tea leaf. We want the best for our consumers and achieve this by being deeply involved from the harvest to the distribution.

Beyond Organic

It doesn’t get more organic than native grown tea that has never been touched by any pesticides, fertilizers, or chemicals. Watered by rain and growing on excellent soil that has been passed down 6 generations.


Helping reduce carbon emissions by producing a tea native to North America rather than being shipped from overseas. We also help with forest management by wild harvesting and helping to keep the forest clean.

Y’all nailed it!! This tea is such a great alternative to my morning coffee. So smooth and the caffeine kick is nice and mellow. Doesn’t make me feel jittery at all.

Marni L.

Delicious tea! Delivered by amazing people!

Jamie P.

The tea is delicious and packs a pleasant caffeinated kick. Seemed like my focus was much more dialed in. Thank you.

Jarrod B.

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