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Mississipptea is produced by our family owned company, Piney Woods Produce. Our goal Is to provide sustainable produce, grown with the intention of supplying consumers with sustenance dense nutrition for both the body and soul. We achieve this by maintaining a valuable relationship with every factor involved from our customers down to the microbiology in our farm’s soil. 

After researching about Yaupon, we learned all about this forgotten Mississippi tea plant containing so many benefits growing natively all over our family soil. This lead us into the woods to start harvesting the yaupon to try for ourselves. After the first taste we fell in love. Years later we have done more research and experimented with different ways of preparing the leaves for tea, from slow withering for green tea to dark roast for a deeper flavor. We’ve tried yaupon teas from the handful of producers available across the US and have been blown away with the endless possibilities and health benefits of Yaupon Holly. We’ve stuffed stockings during the holidays with Yaupon tea, brewed it for family occasions, and keep it as a staple in our homes. After having a pitcher of Yaupon tea with family members, we discussed sharing our favorite tea with our local community and trying to spread the word about Yaupon to many others. After that the wheels were put into motion to get this delicious tea that we love into the hands of any folks interested. 



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